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Shortage Resolution

Are you dealing with a part shortage? We’ll give you a quote for quality-tested parts in 24 hours.
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Shortage Prevention

Want to avoid future shortages? Our software analyzes your BOM and tells you the parts to focus on to preempt future disruptions.
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Procurement Strategy

Finally, let’s level up your procurement. Our platform instantly reveals all available inventory and prices in the market so you can reduce BOM cost.
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We solve critical shortages

Sometimes, the only way to keep your production line running or meet your customers' SLAs is to scour the secondary market. But how do you know that you're getting quality parts at a fair price?

Let us handle it, and get a quote within 24 hours.

You'll get:

Counterfeit protection

Guaranteed compliance

Network of over 500+ trusted partners

The best pricing with no hidden fees

Real-time updates

Learn how Amplio saved NCR $75,000 while resolving a critical shortage
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How Amplio’s software levels up your procurement

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Shortage Prevention

Make sure shortages don’t happen again

Our software analyzes any BOM, highlights the part at-risk of future shortages, and provides you with a mitigation plan to ensure continuity of supply. Our customers typically spend 80% less in last-minute purchases from brokers.

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Procurement StrateGy

Build a procurement strategy for a lower-cost production run

With Amplio, it’s easy to create a cost-optimized list of purchase orders.

Delight your boss and your customers by saying, “it’s on time and under budget”.

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