Sourcing electronic components should be easy and predictable.

Amplio helps you take back control of your supply chain by making sourcing cost-efficient and stress-free. Predict future component shortages, automate risk purchases, and access exclusive sources of supply. Build more, worry less.

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Supported by Industry Leaders

Loved by modern manufacturing teams.

Actionable Data

20+ live sources to feed the risk engine

Partner Ecosystem

500+ trusted suppliers and brokers

Easy-to-use tools

Less data gathering, more focus on automation

Dedicated expert

To help you navigate disruptions

Proven ROI

Build better, grow faster

Risk Mitigation

Electronic Component Sourcing Is Broken

Not only procurement processes are outdated, but gaining visibility on upcoming disruptions is challenging.

What if there was a different way?

We built Amplio to simplify the process of sourcing electronic components. With better data from parts suppliers + the advantages of group purchasing, our customers report on-time deliveries and lower BOM costs. With fewer setbacks, Amplio customers can focus on what matters most: building.

Supply chain resilience

Save time, Save Money, and Gain Predictability

Amplio 3S Framework brings cost-effective resiliency as the first AI powered platform built to predict, identify, and mitigate electronic component shortages for hardware manufacturers


Fix your urgent shortages with Amplio Connect. We search at scale through exclusive excess inventory sources, secure competitive pricing, perform quality tests, and ship it to you. At no extra cost.



95% Shortage Resolution.

No more juggling between 8 different tools.

Find, schedule and track components with a single solution.

Adjust permissions for your entire team.

Work seamlessly from anywhere.

Get notifications when components are found.

15% BOM Cost Reduction

Set up roles and responsibilities for supply chain managers, contract manufacturers and engineers to create a workflow that flows seamlessly without bottlenecks.

24 Hours Saved Every Week

Your supply chain shouldn't keep you up at night. Get visibility into your component risk.


Why Customers Love Us

+100,000 part catalog analyzed across global manufacturing footprint
We’re looking for alternative parts on a daily basis. The market available sources allows us to complete all of our research with each part’s historical context.
Material Buyer
90%viable market alternatives identified for top quartile riskiest parts
You're magicians; you’re the David Copperfield of data.
Material Manager
Utilizing Amplio DNA to dynamically resolve part shortages
Amplio is a force multiplier for our procurement team. We know when and where to buy critical parts even before our Contract Manufacturer does.
Head of Supply Chain and Manufacturing
Series A Robotics
Assessing the BOM’s procureability through Amplio DNA
I can see into the future and know if I can procure my BOM to match production goals.
Series B Consumer Wearables

Our team is here to help you

Want to see how Amplio can supercharge your supply chain? Our team of industry experts is happy to offer a personalized consultation.

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