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Sourcing electronic components should be easy and predictable.

Predict and Prevent Shortages   •   Streamline Procurement   •   Reduce BOM Cost

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Supported by Industry Leaders

We're a force multiplier for procurement teams.

Actionable insights

We make sense of price & availability data to recommend optimal purchases

Broaden your ecosystem

Access more trusted suppliers to get parts reliably and for lower cost

Easy-to-use tools

Less time digging for parts, more time making smart purchases

Dedicated expert

Our team will help navigate the secondary market when necessary

Measurable impact

Improve operating margins by reducing purchase price variance

How it works

Step 1: Connect your BOM and production data to Amplio’s system

Step 2: Enjoy a more efficient and resilient supply chain

Amplio DNA

Monitor the market to find available, price-optimized components.
Amplio Connect

Get access to 500+ sources of supply to search and purchase from.
Amplio Efficiency

Save a day per week previously spent finding parts and managing POs.
What we’re solving

Electronic component procurement is broken

Old systems create mountains of busywork that bury buyers. They’re trapped in the day-to-day of managing spreadsheets and putting out fires.

What if there was a different way?

We built Amplio to empower procurement teams to overcome the daily grind. With tools that make finding parts easy, unlock new sources of supply, and automate the busywork of PO management, our customers enjoy on-time deliveries, lower BOM costs, and higher line utilization. With the day-to-day grind handled, Amplio customers can focus on what matters most: building a better supply chain.

Measurable Impact

Keep the line running

Powerful, proactive component monitoring flags issues

Purchase recommendations keep you ahead of shortages

All your data in one place keeps everyone on the same page

Save time

Buyers save 2+ hours each day thanks to easy-to-use tools. Gain peace of mind knowing Amplio is monitoring issues.

Save money

Enjoy an average 15% BOM cost reduction and minimize the use of expensive brokers.


Why Customers Love Us

Utilizing Amplio DNA to dynamically resolve part shortages
Amplio is a force multiplier for our procurement team. We know when and where to buy critical parts even before our Contract Manufacturer does.
Head of Supply Chain and Manufacturing
Series A Robotics
Assessing the BOM’s procureability through Amplio DNA
I can see into the future and know if I can procure my BOM to match production goals.
Series B Consumer Wearables
+100,000 part catalog analyzed across global manufacturing footprint
We’re looking for alternative parts on a daily basis. The market available sources allows us to complete all of our research with each part’s historical context.
Material Buyer
90%viable market alternatives identified for top quartile riskiest parts
You're magicians; you’re the David Copperfield of data.
Material Manager

We're here to help

Want to see how Amplio can supercharge your supply chain? Our team of industry experts is happy to offer a personalized consultation.

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